Saturday, August 23, 2008


There is a new hacker. Her name karendd9, Shes got one of the biggest clubs on stardoll not to mention has been covergirl in the Show. Well something weird is going on as she sayd she was gonna help me becoming covergirl but ended up wanting my password. I thought id take some screenies just to show you what kind of a person she is..

Covergirl, Good medoll and successfull club. What does she want more?!?

First part of our convo, See what she does.. "/

Second part of the convo, She looked sweet, then wanted the PASS.. :l

Now, Think we should stop her before she hacks people? Just report her. Get her deleted, That girl doesnt deserve to be on stardoll!


-Cooldude said...

I saw her in like, EVERYONES guestbook asking would they like to be CG! She mostly aims for rich people..

Anonymous said...

i thought she was so nice. i cant trust her anymore.

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