Friday, August 22, 2008

Changes on stardoll

When i logged on yesterday i noticed two changes. The fonts and the quick find. Now more changes been made, i thought id show you all ive seen and ask for your responds

Now that is TO small font, I got eye problems in real and i got problems reading that.

Now this is needo. Its put together so nice its just WOW

I gotta admit, The quick find is the best thing ive noticed.

Id love to know what you all think =]

-Arna xoxo


scribonia326 said...

I like the quickfind, but the small font is really getting on my nerves. I thought maybe there was a problem with my computer, but thanks for telling me it was just this.

-Cooldude said...

I like it yeah, only for the font. 1 minute its small, the next its bold..Its really annoying me.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with arna-rut and -cooldude. As soon as I laid eyes on that font I was immediately irked!

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