Sunday, August 31, 2008

how does she do it?

So many of you know style_magazine uses cloths and hairs off dolls from i-dressup for her magazine, but many of you wonder how she cuts them so good, Well i tried doing it in Paint, and i gotta admit it came pretty well out!

Yes hers do come better out, Why? i think she uses Photoshop. That is just simple used in Paint!
Ive been thinking of doing a magazine for very long, but that hope all went when i thought how bad my skills are + i got accepted in Eternity Model agency. Doing those pics is super easy, just copy the clothing and pose, color the background then cut all out, then paste the clothing on the doll, and just fix the skin color so it matches, then just try fixing the white stuff that comes!, i did use paint shop pro to save the picture btw, but that doesnt change at all really. So also the tools in Paint Shop Pro are good, So if your gonna make a magazine, No need downloading Photoshop or buying it, just get paint, trial of Photofiltre, maybe trial of Photoshop, And trial of Paint shop Pro, its very easy!
Also i didnt ask that girl to do that, but i thought she would match it pretty well, And if you notice the model there is Lindsay/xxdrivebylove

So if you read this and choose to do a mag, Just let us know the link in comments and good luck!


karlek25 said...

its soo easy to cut the dolls perfectly. and you can add some glow and shadow which looks better. in photoshop ofcourse

AC Viper said...

another photo-editing program i recommend is paint dot net. its free, doesn't require much space, and easy to use.

The Stardoll Juice said...

How did u do that?
I can't get the background to match.

`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

Yes. I tried the other day too using roiworld. It`s unbelievably easy!

`Ellie x3 said...

Wow thank you to ac viper! The program she suggested is FANTASTIC :)

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