Monday, August 18, 2008

Check out what really goes on with the "Elites"

Written by Fashion Police, Star_Designs
Who is an Elite? An elite is a high-powered socialite who many people look up to. Elites are involved in relationships with boyfriends/girlfriends as well as friends. I am here to introduce a new Coffee Shop that some of you may know of. It is called: DolceCoffee. If you visit it an go to the guestbook you will see the latest on Elite Breakups and much more! This is the place were boys take there online girlfriends as well as where Elite Parties are held. There are more then about 300 pages worth of convos! Some people that visit here very so often include: ForeverCouture, FamousSohpie, TylerIsBomb, Star_Awards, WriteMaryCat, Matt.NYC, and many more! Please check out and we will publish more soon on more gossip scandals!


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