Monday, August 25, 2008

September HotBuys

Well, the September HotBuys list is in, and it's time for me to review it. These are just my opinions. Feel free to let us know you're opinions in a comment.

1. Virgo Ncklace, in shop August 24th: Good if you're a Virgo on a tight budget. 7/10

2. HotBuys Jacket, in shop September 5th: Not my thing... at all. I hate the sleeves, and the only kind of good part is the ruffle detail in the front. 2/10

3. HotBuys Top, in shop August 22nd: It would be nicer if it was in two colours that didn't clash. The shape of it is nice though. 4/10

4. HotBuys Bag, in shop August 29th: This is actually pretty nice, it has a cool vintage feel to it. 9/10

5. HotBuys Shoes, in shop September 19th: I'm not really into ankle boots, but for ankle boots, they aren't too bad. 5/10

6. HotBuys Dress, in shop September 19th: I hate it. I really do. The pattern is ugly in my opinion and the dress is too long and just a little bit frumpy. It's only saviour is the belt in the middle. Without it, the score would have been in the minus figures. 0/10

7. HotBuys Headband, in shop September 8th: One of the only nice things on the list, the coloured leaves give it a breezy Autumn feel. Only downer is that it might be hard to use in an outfit. 9/10

8. HotBuys Dress, in shop August 27th: This is by far the nicest thing on the list. The bow saves it from being dull, and the little black dress will never be out-dated. Star buy! 10/10

9. HotBuys Necklace, in shop August 12th: I quite like it, the colours look well together. 8/10.

10. Haircolour, in shop September 3rd: All the haircolours are coming back, and there doesn't seem to be any new ones coming in. Well this colour is quite wearable and is nicer on than in shops. 7/10

Total score for the September HBs list 2008: 61/100.

These are just my opinions, not the opinions of any other authors on the blog. Check comments for other people's opinions!


crazi_babi* & shoppbabe12 said...

How can you not like the jacket and pattern dress! Those are so amazing! And in style! :] I personally hate the purse. :D

Anonymous said...

i looove 6th dress, i don't know why other dont... this dress is just saying "september" love it, and it's remember me dkny falling hearts dress.. love it, my fav, cant wait to get it

Fiona said...

I don't know why I don't like them, I just... don't!

Catlover103 said...

Sale at my suite! Oh yeah, and I have the same opinions as Fiona for this!

scribonia326 said...

OMG!! I AM SO MAD!! I just went to "new items" and happily found the hotbuys bag. It is TINY! I am non superstar, so 4 bucks is a lot for me, and to get that tiny bag. RRGGG. And, all the stuff on sale became superstar!! WHAT?? Something is wrong with stardoll.

bridget88 said...

I love the shoes, the purple jacket and the long dress! They've really improved

By the way, there is a blog who copied two of your posts word by word: You're welcome! =)

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