Monday, August 18, 2008

Project Runway Stardoll Edition Welcomes Winner!

Written by Fashion Police, Star_Designs
Hello everyone! I am Star_Designs. There has recently been a comp called: Project Runway Stardoll Edition hosted by MaleElite (A top stardoll designer and seller of amazing clothes), My-Shop (who you all know a love) and sometimes me.
The winner was recently picked. Her name is Aaron922. Her style and personality was amazing and because of her incredable win, she is going to recieve 100 stardollars to completley start her new line.
If you visit her pink room in her suite you will notice that she has her winning "Black and White" collection which won her this comp.
Please visit Aaron922, and watch out because her new line is coming out soon! Keep checking out!


ktcarr said...

Also if you search for MKA in the plaza on the first page is 3 posters. 1 poster of ashley, one in colour of Mk and A and one in black in white with MK and A. Although you can't pick them up :(

ktcarr said...

Also there are 6 new tops in fudge when you search for them (for girls, haven't checked boys yet) and new trainers.

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