Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Kinda goes against the whole 'Women can't be bought' thing, huh?

But if you click on the girls, it seems to be (yet another) glitch on Stardoll. These are just hair colours from Dorée that haven't turned out right. I'm guessing the notice board is either supposed to be in mini-shops or it's a new hair colour (it's called Hazelnut brown). The notice board can't be picked up right now though!

Also, new in shops, are the back to school clothes (at the start of August?)

Some people will be disappointed to see the Fudge school cardigan back after paying a lot for it in StarBazaar! Also, with the two identical skirts, be careful if buying them! One of them will turn into something else after a while. If you want it, I suggest buying the one called Sabrina skirt instead of Sabrina Bryan, because that one will probably stay as the skirt.


Anonymous said...

Nope, Sabrina Bryan was RC but Sabrina (Fudge) was only a skirt! Thats why RC skirt didnt stay for long, and Fudge is still on the shop!

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