Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Stardoll Sponsorship

Wow, Stardoll must be really low on money now. First, they were sponsored by T-Mobile sidekick, and now they're sponsored by Tampax Pearl too.
They have the first official 'Sponsored by' club. When they reach membership goals, you get the clothes on that clothes line in the presentation. So far they have over 50,000 members.

They also sponsor a scenery. It's just the same scenery that DKNY used to sponsor.When are we getting new sceneries?

These are just getting boring. Well, at least we've got free sceneries for a while...

I suppose a site full of pre-teen girls, who could get their 'Monthly Gift' any time now, is the perfect place for Tampax to advertise, but thisis getting a little much. If this keeps up, Stardoll will just be a site full of advertisements!


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