Friday, August 29, 2008

Rumours; untrue!!

So.. Me,Sean(-cooldude) and beth(bethbeth15) where talking, and she went on about some rumour, i checked my guestbook, and SEE what isaw!!

No, Sean did NOT say that, This is completely untrue, Me and Sean are VERY close friends, We are not going out! I do Love sean, BUT Only as a friend!!

Okay beth, when i got that message me and sean were talking on msn, He was just as surprized as me, We are both starting to wonder if your afraid the rumour is true and are making me and sean hate each other, Cause me and sean are FRIENDS end of :/

okay, first you go telling rumours about me and sean, then you blame the rumours on viva_ladiva then you admit you love sean, okaaaayyy... :-/ Well thanks beth, Your just making me and sean closer friends (y) Infact, your just making us feel sorry for you, Thats just totally PATHETIC


Anonymous said...

i love you sean!!!!!!!

-anonymous xoxo

arna-rut said...

ntyy hes mine - jokes jokes

Anonymous said...

hey,i'm really sorry about this i was just being stupid.....and a jerk.i know i know i'm pathatic,so u you would please fogive there anyway that u can get back at me,then go ahead,
i'm really stupid,i'm a jerk,i'm so sorry i'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's me beth.please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arna-rut said...

Beth, if that was you just FCK OFF OKAY?!? You made me feel like you were trying to make me and sean hate each other PLUS, if you really thought me and him were together why the fck did you try getting him?!? THAT SHOWS UN-TRUSTWORTHY FRIEND, ;/ Your just lucky we arent together, if we had been i would have kicked your ass

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry,will you forgive me?
what i have to say is true ok,
i don't want to be popular,your not popular!!!!!!!1u just think u are but ur not,ur just a magazine writer,doesn't mean that ur popular,i don't want to be your friends cuz ur'popular' as u say.
i just want to be firends,but btw you don't have to be mean and rude about it behind my back.

arna-rut said...

well beth, we want nothing to do with you, you hurt us, made me feel like you hated me and that you were trying to make me and sean stop being friends, just go away and leave us alone, we dont think were well known, but we are more known then you!

Anonymous said...

this was some stupid prank that i made up,ya i hurt u...but i said i'm sorry and evrything i made the biggest apology in the world!yet,u completey ingnore me and say i hurt u and for me to leave u alone.i'm sorry,ya i'm stupid but that doesn't mean u have to go behind my back sayong mean ,rude thing and swearing at me.k,i'm sorry sean doesn't even not what i'm saying,he's not very socail.
bethxoxo(i'm sorry,i'm sorry i hurt u,it was supposed to be a funny,idiotic prank)

Anonymous said...

btw who cares if i'm well known anyway because more people will gossip about u......

arna-rut said...

it wasnt ment to be a prank, stop with the annoying excuses, why in the fck would ppl gossip about me?!? You also thought me and him were together, but still trying to get him, why would you do that?!? your just fckin lucky we aint together, just fck off, leave me and sean alone :/

rosie333. said...

Ha! More arguments! lol

Anonymous said...

Its Bethany,
DAMN! who the fck was i back then??
wowwwwww, i wus a spaz
lmao, sorry bout dat, i wus like..
fcking 8, hahaha, or something,!
man, Arna, u were the shit ;)
i was like sooo jealous of u! lmfao :DD
luv ya grly,
Beth :P

bethbeth15 said...

its bethany.
what the actual fuck?

oh mah lawd, i need some help.
LOLZ, this was so long ago.
i honestly dont know.

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