Monday, August 18, 2008


The reasons why I write "Scammer Alerts" is because I do not want others to be scammed by other people. I think scamming is rude and horrible to the people who are getting scammed... New Scammer of today is LILMRSRICH (Ms. Elite Wannabe) She is very snobby, rude, and truley my ex-best friend (We used to be very close- Till I really saw who she was). Do not trust her! You can go to her suite and see many clothes that say "2" stardollars. That is because she scammed those people. Just look in her GB! Watch out for LilMrsRich cause she is clearly a SCAMMER!


Anonymous said...

That is horrible how people try to steal accounts and things of that nature. A female asked me if i wanted a free account for only 10 superstar gifts, i told her i was good. That just sounded like a scam. I'm not with it. They won't catch me slippn. And for everyone that got scammed you have to stop trusting everyone cause everyone is not trustworthy.

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