Sunday, August 17, 2008

Changes on stardoll

Wanted to say changes... when i joined stardoll, and today. so many changes.

Used to be;
Superstar was sold for stardollars, 25 stardollars per month
Broadcasts was for ALL and costed 3 stardollars
Covergirls went after VOTES
Clubs were 0 starpoints and later 100
1 room per person
Could post unlimited broadcasts
the shop was so different
You got 50 stardollars when you joined and confirmed your email

Is now;
superstar has to be bought by phone or credit card or cards you can buy in stores in some places
Broadcasts Superstars only and costs 5 stardollars
Clubs are 200 starpoints
10 rooms for superstars - 4 for none-superstars
not many broadcasts now
The shop is like a mall
You get 25 stardollars when you join and confirm your email

I joined in 2006 and i swear the changes are so many. For those of you who didnt get to be on in 2006 and start in 2007, you missed alot!

And welcome to the new writer star_designs, hope ill have fun writing here with you :)


Fiona said...

That sure brings back memories. Well, I joined in 2007 and I can still remember all the things you talk about except for 2. When I joined we had 2 rooms, but the extra one was superstar only. Also, when I joined, broadcasts were $3, but only for superstars.

Also, what do you mean about the covergirl thing? I'm a little confused :D

arna-rut said...

now they choose covergirls at random so not only the "elites" win, so dumb aint it?

The Stardoll Juice said...

Same as Fiona I joined in 2007 and also like Fiona I remember superstars had 2 rooms and broadcasts were $3 for supertars.

I also remember the old shop. It was good but I much prefer the Plaza.

Great blog! I love that you have lots of writers and I would LOVE to write for it!

Fiona said...

Really? Then why can you vote for covergirls?

The Stardoll Juice said...

Wow. I wish superstar was still like that. It would be cool to just pay 25 stardollars for Superstar.
but the only thing is there would have been no DKNY on the old Stardoll. Lol.

arna-rut said...

stardoll trying to make you believe stuff... trust me, they choose randomlye

arna-rut said...

the superstar thingy changed, and the broadcast went superstar in December 2006 i remember, ogod still remember how people were.

ktcarr said...

I joined April 2005 and it was even called stardoll then. It was called paperdoll heaven. You left msgs that were shown at the bottom for the world to see at the bottom of someone's page. There was no shops or suite. It was so bog-standard. The only thing there was the dolls although they did have VIP. Also when you bought stardollars, you didn't get the weekly $50, you got the amount you paid for on the spot. I think stardoll has come a long way x

I love this website - fionamcgonigle is a genius. x
Thank you for all the great tips in your blogs and you're cool to share them with everyone when you keep have it all to yourslef. Love you! x

madameMim said...

I joined 2006. And i truly miss the old stardoll. In only 2 years, they have managed to change completely. It's sick. Now, you have to be superstar to do ANYTHING. I didn't realize that untill i logged on an account that was non-superstar. I was like wtf :S They really push people to pay.

"Join, it's free!" My azz.

hayley.500 said...

I joined in 2006 aswell... I miss the old Shop =[
Oh well, technology has moved on and pulled Stardoll with out [oh, I wish I payed for Superstar with Stardollars while I could!]

Oh yeah and don't forget that Starpoints didn't exist in '06.

rosie333. said...

I agree, I'm having flashbacks... lol

Sammybeatiful/Bea said...

i joined 2007 but i forgot my pass:p,its true then i stopped but then i want to try it cuz i cant stay away from it,so i joined again and sammybeatiful was born!

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