Saturday, August 16, 2008

xLou26 - Fashion ´queen

I was going through pages and when i went to xLou26's page my eyes went wide open, i cant believe how she's put together a gown from interiors and a dress. And the way she was decorating her room was just amazing!! I couldnt NOT put it here. So go to her page by searching xLou26 and watch the rest of the rooms :]

Also sorry how long ive not posted, i was on holiday in Denmark, and i can sure tell you i visited ALOT of good stores ;)


Fiona said...

Yeah, Lou's style and outfits never cease to amaze me :) And her blog with snapple2 is really good, make sure to check it out at

Dei* said...

AND Lou knows how to make lots of outfits out of curtains!
She is gooooooood!

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