Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to Create a Smoky Eye

An article by the Fashion Police, Star_Designs

Making a smoky-eye for your medoll is very simple! And you can achieve this incredible look for a very affordable price. Unfortunately only superstars can  buy makeup, but I would be happy to teach this to all of you.

You can start by clearing off all of your makeup and products (include fake eyelashes). You do not want any other color 
then what I am telling you to use.

Next what you need to do is buy Black Eyeliner from Sephora. You do not want to buy Kat Von D eyeliner because it is almost the same thing and it is a dollar more expensive. The total for the black eyeliner is only 3 Stardollars! When you are putting on the eyeliner, try not to go so far or else it will give you a different look we are not going for. If one of your eyes has way to much eyeliner then another eye, that means it is not even.

After you buy and put on the Eyeliner you need to buy fake eyelashes from Splendid. These will just help show off more of your lashes. Its is very simple to put on. When you go to Splendid there are a couple different eyelashes. Pink the one that is the most thick and that is next 
   to the pink sunglasses. And this is only 3 Stardollars!

What you want to buy now is "Eyeshadow No1" From Sephora. The color looks like a black. What you want to do when you buy this is to put it on the sides so that when you put the white over it, it will blend in beautifully! When you do put it on put it on gently! You do not want it to look to goth! And this eyeshadow is only 2 Stardollars!

Now you must buy "Eyeshadow Pearl No1" From Sephora. (It looks like a white color). Then you must gently put in in front of the black eyeshadow. Try hard not to put it on top of the black. It is already blending very well from just being next to it. And this eyeshadow is only 2 Stardollars!

Congrats! You have now achieved the smoky eye!


Fiona said...

Lovely first article! Wow, that look only costs $10 :)

scribonia326 said...

I like that a lot!

Dei* said...

Love it!

Saldiklis said...

hi, I'm Saigra. and I wannt to say that is very nice first article.APLOS. and we want MORE.!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! This is really nice of all of you! Please keep visiting!

rosie333. said...

I can do that!

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