Sunday, August 24, 2008

The prize dresses

So anyone want to know what celeb owns the dresses? I've found couple myself, And if you know more either put in comments or add me on stardoll; arna-rut

Bai Ling doll

Lindsay Lohan 2 doll

Lily Cole doll

Kylie Minogue 2 doll

Both in the Katherine Heigl doll :) Thanks to "menna" for the shout :D

This one found by "menna" on the Luisana Lopilato Doll :)

Jennifer Lopez doll number 3, thanks to LaFee_1002 for the head ups x

All in the Beach Bride doll. Thanks to LaFee_1002 :)

Miley Cyrus 1 doll, oljeee told me about that one :)

These are both on the Britney Spears 1 doll :) Found by oljeee x

That one is on the Christina Milian 2 Doll. Found by oljeee x

Thats on the Lily Cole doll. :) Found by LaFee_1002

Thats on the Ashanti Doll thanks mis.c

To see the PICTURE with all the dresses, click


Menna said...

Katherine Heigl Doll has the light blue dress see it :D

Menna said...

katherine Heigl has the beige dress& the light blue dress

Menna said...

Luisana Lopilato doll has the black dress with the white neck,
Those are all i found at the moment

Mis.c said...

- Short Grey dress with black belt: Jennifer Lopez 3
- White dress with black flowers around the waist: Miley Cyrus (1)
- Museum dress: Kylie Minogue 2
- Dark blue dress with light blue bow: Britney Spears (1)
- Big black dress: Lindsay Lohan 2
- Beige dress: Katherine Heigl
- Long red dress: Christina Milian 2
- Long light blue dress: Katherine Heigl

- Black and white dress with belt:
- Big white dress: Beach Bride
- Gold/black dress:
- Dark blue dress: Ashanti
- White with Blue dress: Beach Bride
- Short black dress with white collar: Luisana Lopilato
- Long pink dress: Bai Ling
- Black and white dress: Lily Cole
- Long light purple dress: Lily Cole
- Long grey dress: Britney Spears (1)
- Green dress:
- Long white dress with flower: Beach Bride

annakin (ktcarr) said...

The grey dress with the belt below the bust is Jennifer Lopez i think the latest 1

Anonymous said...
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arna-rut said...

Thanks for helping, Your name will be credited. And if you could send stardoll name it would be nice x

Menna said...

My Stardoll name is : Manoon3.

scribonia326 said...

The red long dress (see qtjoy1, she has it) belongs to Christina Milian.


rosie333. said...

People who have those are soo lucky!

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