Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stardoll's Strongest Role Model Member

While recently meeting one of the most amazing role models to me on Stardoll, I have become a stronger person myself. Her name is xoxoEffie. I belive that she is one of the most strongest women on stardoll. She is very sweet and is in fact le$bian. I do believe that because she decided to go on this website, she has began to teach people that judging someone will not get you anywhere. xoxoEffie, is such a strong person to me. Just read her presenation! She is truley a stardoll Role Model!

To some people on stardoll, a Role Model is "Style_Magazine" or "LilMrsRich" but what do they do on stardoll that makes it a kinder and easier place? I know, nothing. xoxoEffie, spends her stardoll money not on herself but for people with needs. She is truley a stardoll Role Model!


Sweet_3094 said...

her presentation is beautifull...
she is a really role-model!


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