Saturday, August 9, 2008


We are going to have the best party ever and to make sure, we have joined with SFF to host a huge party!

The picture says it all!

Joint party for our blog and Stardoll Fashion Forward at the times shown above.

The best dressed will be featured in both blogs.

This party was planned before -Cooldude was a writer, that's why he's not a host :)

Hope to see you all there in your best black and white!

P.S. I will be there as fionamcgonigle, not Gossip-Star


stardollfashionforward said...

WAW.. Cant Wait :D

Anonymous said...

where i live its 4:00 AM on monday so i will just leave my details to check out my outfit


Sandra_1992*** said...

the gb is closed... i really wanted to go to this party... now im sad :(

but plz. check my outfit!

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