Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top designs

I want to let you guys know about designers that aren't as well known on Stardoll.

This particular designer I just discovered makes really excellent leopard print designs, and sells them at really good prices. Not many people make designs that look good on tights, but hers transform the tights completely. These tights would change any outfit from drab to fab.
The designer is Make sure to drop by and pick up your leopard print clothes today! She has a few in her StarBazaar, but just ask her, I'm sure she'll make you more if she's all out! She sells them so cheap, I couldn't believe it. She only makes one stardollar on every pair of tights she sells. That's value!

Just take a look:


The Stardoll Juice said...

Wow. Gorgeous designs.

Ktcarr said...

Cool x love the yellow ones x am gonna go check out her page now x

AmberFun344 said...


sweet_viksi said...

i love her designs too =]

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